Saturday, July 26, 2008

Time to Go See the World

Hi :) So, most people who will probably be reading this know who I am, but here is a rough run down. My name is Emica, I'm 22 years old, and I just graduated from McDaniel College with a BA in Communication, minors in Film and Media Studies and Philosophy. College opened my eyes to so many different things in life, and to the doors that are available to me. Right now, as everyone has told me, is the time to do whatever it is I want. I don't have responsibilities or family tying me down--its time to stretch my wings and fly. And that's what I'm going to do.

Oh, and I planned the next year of my life....roughly. At least where I'm living.

One of my passions is to see the world and learn all I can about it. I love new cultures, different view points, and the adventure there is to be had. So here is the next year....ishk:

September 16th, at 6:05pm, I will board a plane to London to start in the Bunac program. With a 6 month visa and Blue Card (like our green card aka I can work) in hand, I'll be working that program and all its discounts like a frugal old woman at the neighborhood fruit stand. Yes, I did just say that. London, baby!!!

Christmas: Budapest, Hungry.

I know there are a lot of places I'll be visiting while I'm living in Europe, but after all the awesome things I've heard, and McDaniel, how can I not go to Buda? My friend Devon is going to be teaching in Turkey for the year, so we are going to meet up and spend Christmas together in Budapest. Already found a great hostel and am glad that Christmas won't be lonely Across the Pond.

My Birthday in March: March will be right around when my England visa is up, so I've been considering taking those 2 weeks or so and leaving merry old England for somewhere else...somewhere I've wanted to go my whole life and why not for my birthday? GREECE. Ever since I found a book of Greek Myths in my grandparents' house, I've been dying to go to Greece. It is my dream location (along with Rome, Venice, Paris, Cairo, and Norway, to name a few....but who's counting?) and someplace I need to experience while living abroad.

Spring: Ireland. So after my visa in England is up, I can apply through the same program for another one in Ireland. SO about 10 days after my 23 birthday, I'll be moving either to Dublin or Galway to start that adventure.

Summer: Finally (at least in the works) Prague. My aunt's best friend's son lived there for a while, and loved it. Dev's teaching contract is up at the same time my Ireland visa is (June/Julyish) and neither one of us really wants to stop once we start. So why not Prague?? Main benefits: DIRT cheap. Like $1 USD = 15.02 Czech Crowns cheap. Dev went there on his last trip, and made it out on $16 bucks for 3 days, including hostel, food, nightlife, and a bottle of Absinthe for the road. Not 16 per day--16 for 3 DAYS. Not going to beat that in the US.

Overall, a lot of balls in the air. But I'm so excited, and thrilled that I have the opportunity to make plans like this, and see at least half of them through. As for money, I can work in England and Ireland, and the cost of things will drop over the year as I'll go from pounds to euros to crowns. And worst comes to worst, I'll work in a Red Light district for pocket money ;-) As Meg Deering has told me, I am going to the land of those "who love the junk in the trunk". Or I'll just get a rich European husband. Might be better. And more hygienic.

If you don't know me, I'm totally kidding. Really.

I'll keep you posted as I get ready to leave, and what happens when I get there.



Kate said...

I for one can't wait to read all about your adventures! Good luck, love always, Aunt Kate

Scott said...

Don't forget about Krakow. We loved it and it is much less American than Prague (but we liked it there too).

Matthew said...

Well girl, you're off to see the continent! I concur with Scott, Krakow is a beautiful city. Very cold in winter. oh, stupid me. You're from Maine. Krakow is mild in winter. When you finally meander over to Ireland, remember there's a bed waiting for you in Galway. I've two bedrooms and yours will be on the top floor, but the loo is right beside it. ( Handy after a night of pints) :-)
I'm looking forward to seeing you again. I'll be scrubbing the floors, washing windows and trying to teach the cat to behave.
It's nice to have something wonderful to look forward to in the coming year.