Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hard but Not Beaten

Dr. Phil says that if you don't have a job, you should make looking for one your job. This means 8 hours a day, 5 days (or more) a week, you should be doing everything possible to find a job. So thats what I've been doing.

I'm still at London Backpackers. Surprisingly, the longer I've been here, the more settled I've been. I like having the longer tube ride back, so I have some time to just be with my thoughts. They moved me into the 'long term' room--means discounts as you book in weeks instead of nights, only 15 beds, and I get to know people better. There are a lot of Aussies staying here, and now we're friends. I know names, we smile more and move over when someone wants to sit on the couch to watch whatever movie is on, and we keep an eye out for each other. Its been nice. They are all in the same boat as me--job hunting, job having but in retail or service, or just bumming around. The free wi-fi is a lifesaver, and I found a grocery store and got things to save money. The really stinky french guy left. And I've kind of become a pet--I'm the only American in the hostel, and they all get a kick out of that. I think they also see how bummed out I get after looking at an apartment and not finding it, or when I don't hear back from jobs.

I think the reason I haven't been updating is because I don't want to disappoint anyone, even myself. Nicole, Nathalie, Jac and I decided to look on our own for places, and more importantly, look in different areas. Its hard, but it should be easier to find places when we all have different goals in mind. I honestly think I'd be ok staying here for a few more weeks and saving up more money to find a better place/room. The only thing I'm worried about is Courtney is coming to visit next week, and I don't have a place for her right now. I suppose I can ask her to book into the hostel, but it would be better to have some space. I've been writing down a lot of numbers and looking for a lot of different types of rooms, studios, or houses. I looked at 2 on my own, but the guy who showed me the first was kind of creepy, and the 2nd guy was going to let me have my room, the bathroom, and the kitchen, but I wasn't allowed access to the living room or dining area until he felt he could trust me. Go figure.

The job thing is back and forth. One of the temp agencies sent in my stuff for a great job at Regents College. Its in their Humanities and Arts department as an admin assistant. The department is in charge of arranging trustees meetings, school activities, graduation, etc., and is right in Regent's Park. It pays 9.50 an hour, and is a temp to rolling position. I really really really want it, but they have been dragging their feet for 3 days now, and the temp agency called to tell me that they had someone apply for it that use to have that job, so now they are taking the weekend to consider everyone and everything. Originally I felt really good about it--my resume has a lot of that type of stuff--but if someone who already had the position before me applied, then I'm not sure how I can compete with that. I've sent out 45 resumes since I've been here, and tried following up on most of them. Some have had the positions filled, some have said no thanks, some have just ignored me. I don't know what to do at this point, but keep plugging away. I think I'm going to look at hotel and live in jobs for a while. Something will come. It has to.

Other then that, things have been ok. I went out to an Indian place the other night with the girls. I walked around Oxford Street in the rain and looked at the shops. I bought postcards that I just have to get stamps for. I walked around Westminster. I'm still here.



Monica Funigiello said...

Oh Emica you poor thing.. keep your head up!! The right job will come, it has to! Hopefully I will see you Tuesday!!! =)

Eric said...

please stop taking advice from dr phil.

Giada said...

hang in there hun, I know you will find something *giant hugs*

RenKen5749 said...

I totally understand your frustrations. What temp agency are you working with? I've been using Gordon Yates and they've been great so far, but I think I need to applu with some others. ANy suggestions?

Glitter Girl said...
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Amanda said...
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Glitter Girl said...
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Amanda ross said...
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Vaelor said...

Don't worry, I can assure you that you will get a job and be fine. I hope for the best.
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*Curse you Blogger*