Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Treading Water

First of all, I need to congratulate the American nation for having the intelligence to elect our new president, Barack Obama. I stayed up til 3:30am at the ISH bar watching the coverage, and I gotta say having a bar full of Americans definitely gives the place a different vibe. I'm not sure how exactly how to describe it, but its almost like I had just let out a sigh--I didn't have to wonder how to behave. Anywoo, go Obama and thanks to my play by play coverage ;-)

Now we come to news: All of it. So I'm going to simplify things into sections:

Still lacking. But with prospects. The job interview I went on on Monday was for an office assistant at a firm that designs and builds luxury hotels and resorts world-wide. I would have been crazy busy, but they seemed like good people. The interview went really well, they gave me a tour of the building, I thought I was a shoe in. On Tuesday morning, I got a very polite email saying that I had a brilliant interview and I came off confidant and capable, but there was an interview right after me with a Canadian girl who had a year long visa, so they went with her. Makes sense, someone in the company longer is good, but still!! I didn't hear anything yesterday, the today I got called in for three interviews tomorrow :) I have 2 in the morning: both at temp agencies. This is both good and bad--I think they both were offering jobs that I applied for and thats how they heard about me, but still. The last one is at Felix Marketing--I have no idea what the job is, but hey! Could be good.

UPDATE: I am such a bad blogger. I went to all three interviews. The first two were at temp agencies, so I am now registered with them. Yay :) The third was at this marketing firm, and the interview got me really excited: they promote client's products at events. I figure hey, it'll just be like doing a CMN event and promoting Phi Mu, something I can do very well, but also interests me. The guy was really great, and invited me back for a second interview tomorrow!! Woo excitement....

But wait....

As with everything, there is a catch. I re-read the email I received from them and 3 things popped out at me: personal sales, OTE, and commission. Basically, its the knives all over again. For those of you who don't know, I answered an ad in the paper a few years ago that said a sales group had openings making $16.50 per hour. Sounded great. When I got there, I found out that it was a job selling knives from door to door, and the interview consisted of a 2 hour long demo of the knives, then explaining how to set up appointments. They only invited 3 out of the 15 of us to join the team. I was one of them, and the guy looked at me and said 'You're not going to take this, are you?' NOPE. Sorry, but I don't want to live on commission and its bad enough with the culture shock--I am not going to spend all my time here trying to talk people into buying crap when they won't even smile back at me on the Tube. Uhg.

Worst part is, I might be ok at it. Good, even. I have another interview with them tomorrow morning--I can always say no. I'm going to go collect retail applications this weekend. I'll turn them in Monday, and then work my temp stuff around them, if I even get any.

Flat Hunting:
In a nutshell, nada. We split from 2 to 4 back to 2, but different pairs. Jac and I are looking to stay together, but this is proving difficult as our jobs seem to be in different areas and we plain just can't seem to find a place together. After my interview tomorrow, we are going to sit down and really look hard at what needs to be done to get us in a place. As of Saturday morning at 10am, I am out on the street. I refuse to move again unless its into a place, and my hostel is booked solid until Monday. I would like to say I can just say screw it and move to a place in the city, but for some reason, everywhere is booking up, so places are costing more. This is a problem as I am trying to manage my funds. Jac said she would put a deposit on a place for us, since she has more money and will get it all back. I have enough in my account for first months rent in our price range, then just enough to keep me alive until I get a paycheck. If I get one in the next month. Which may or may not happen.

I'm going to be selling crap to crabby Brits, aren't I? Ca va....

Moments here and there. The hostel is better as I've become a regular. Tho I need to do laundry so bad, and I'm starting to smell like my room. Not cool.

I know the Tube pretty well.
I really want to do the Haggis Tour to Scotland for 3 days where you stay in a castle, there are parties and lots of snowy Christmas cheer, and its actually not bad on price...if I can get a job.
I have good friends who care about me enough to text before interviews and are always up for a drink after a hard day.

I'm doing ok. But I need to get these things, or I'm not going to be able to relax and enjoy. This chick I met at the Bunac office said that if we can't get anything in 2 weeks, we should go to Edinburgh. I love London, but I wanted to see more on this trip. Maybe its something to think about.

I miss you. All of you.


Amanda Ross said...

Keep ya chin up miss! :D

Glitter Girl said...

Ive been here 7 weeks now and only just got a job. Register with every recruitment company you can (altho i strongly do not reccommend Reed or Office Angels - they were crap) I went with a place called Badenoch & Clark. however I am here on an Ancestry Visa so my circumstances are different. But make sure you ring them twice a day if you have to otherwise it takes so long, and as my wise old friend Amanda said...keep ya chin up