Sunday, October 26, 2008

First week and moving on

I seriously don't know what I would do without this laptop. I have been on this thing so much I feel like I'm back at work. Well, I suppose I kind of am with looking for work and all. Tho in my first week at the hostel, I've seen about a dozen of those little half computers--the ones that would fit in your purse, about the size of a book. That'd be nice, so I wasn't banging this poor thing up. But I'm still thankful.

So yesterday was pretty uneventful. The hostel is crowded with a lot more strange people, as it's the weekend, and it gives it a kind of 'what are you doing in my house??' vibe. I ended up looking for more jobs in the morning, then I headed out to Oxford Street to get my iPod looked at. Oxford is like Park Avenue meets Exchange Street--a lot of different stores on a major road, but all different types. I found the Apple store pretty quick. After waiting an hour and a half, I got to meet with them for less then a minute for them to reset my iPod. This is what I get for not being a Mac person. However, it did get me out and about. On my way back to the Tube, I was trying to decide if I wanted to go to the London Zoo, or head back to the hostel, maybe go to the British Museum when I got back, when I saw one of the tourist carts with all the 'I Heart London' shirts and all that. But the thing that caught my eye was right at the top--it was a JOEY HAT!!! Before I left home, Mom was talking about the episode of Friends where they all go to Britain for Ross's wedding to Emily, and Chandler doesn't want to hang out with Joey after he gets a floppy Union Jack hat. Joey goes off on his own, and ends up meeting the Duchess of York, who LOVES the hat. When Joey and Chandler are leaving the hotel, Joey opens a pop-up map and stands in it to get his barrings. I need a pop up map. But anywho, I saw the hat!! Next time I'm there on a Saturday, I totally have to get one.

I decided that for the 15 pounds it would take me to go to the zoo, I could feed myself for 3 days, so I headed back to South Kensington. I went and walked around the wildlife garden outside the British Natural History museum. Its really nice--has a small pond, sheep, a fox den, and lots of wildlife. I sat on a bench for a little while, and it all kind of hit me. What I'm doing, the fact that I'm here, the fact that I still don't have a job, and that I'm on my own. I started crying (first time during this whole process) then snapped out of it. I mean, I'm in LONDON. I just started looking for a job YESTERDAY. I decided I just needed a push in the productive direction, so I went back to the hostel (it was raining and cold anyway) and got back online.

I got to Skype with Grammy and Grandpa, Kim, and my family at home (plus Aunt Kate). All that made me feel better. Mom and Bre were teasing me a lot when my mic punked out, and I was laughing so hard I think some of my hostelmates thought I'd 'started on the mickey' a bit early ;-). I took a break for dinner, and met a really great girl from the Channel Islands--Mel. We chatted for a while about the world, moving around, school, and Disney. Needless to say, I love her. :-) I am moving to a cheaper hostel today, and I'm really bummed about it. The people here have been so fantastic, and this morning when I was bringing my stuff down, 3 or 4 different people stopped me and said they were sad I was leaving. I've been here a week, so I've got some of that live in part of the crew thing going. Stupid money!!!

Its ok tho because a girl I've been talking to on Facebook is moving in here tomorrow, so I'll come back and visit. Its great that its so open and cool. This place I'm going to this afternoon has 3 tiered bunk beds. I'm nervous. But Nicole is here today!!! We're meeting this afternoon, so WOOHOO!! I feel like things can really take off now, even tho I want to give her space to get settled. But now we can start apartment searching and all that.

Ok, I'm going to go brave the chilly weather and the Tube once more to get to my new destination. Will be checking in soon, as they have Wi-Fi as well. Miss you all!


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