Friday, October 24, 2008

Slower Day

So yesterday didn't go quite the way it was planned, but still ok anyway.

I didn't leave as early as I wanted--I was exhausted, and jet lag is hitting hardcore, as well as the blisters on my feet. I ended up being at the hostel til about 12:30, then headed out to Bunac. However, in legendary form, the Tube was running slow and we stayed at a stop for 15 minutes. By the time I got to the Bunac stop, it was only 25 minutes before I was suppose to meet Hollie and Jac. Their hostel (International Students' House) was only a stop after the Bunac one, so I decided just to meet them there. I guess I got our meeting location got mixed up, because they never came back there, so I left a message at the desk, and started to walk. As I was walking around, it started to get really overcast and drizzly (also true British form), so I was trying to think about some sort of indoor thing I could do. At this point, I was on Baker street, which is in the more touristy section of London. I got down there, and thought maybe I could find a way to get back to the art museum we had gone past the day before.

I found a bus stop, and took my first London bus. It drove down Oxford street, which is one long street of shopping. I think I saw 3 H/Ms, and a ton of other stores on all different scales. I got off the bus at Trafalgar Square, and went to the museum. Almost all the museums in London are free, so I went in looking forward to some quiet reflection with some amazing art. No such luck. At least a dozen different elementary school groups were there, and it was too much to handle. I finally just left, vowing to return some quiet Monday morning to really appreciate it all. (This pic was taken as my first heart picture the day before, when the sun was out, from the steps of the museum.)

I walked back up to the area that had all the theaters and places to eat. I got a sandwich and a bottle of water for 1.84 at the Tesco Express (their version of 7/11). Go me. Then what did I do? Did I go see a fabulous show like Wicked or Avenue Q? Did I sit and sip espresso at one of the fine (but rip off) cafes? No...I went and saw High School Musical 3. I did this for a few reasons, but mostly because I was feeling lonely, and I wanted to not for a while. Movie theaters do that for me. They engulf you, and seeing an American movie with connections with Bre and my sisters helped..and hindered. I got out of the movie, called Bre, then meandered back to the hostel. I stopped at another Tesco and got some tuna and ravioli for dinner. I came back, watched a movie with some other hostelites, made dinner, and went to bed around 11.

So overall, not so exciting, but I am still getting adjusted.I need to start working these job boards at Bunac. I am going back to the center today to look for more jobs and make some calls. One of the girls in the hostel I was talking to is from Sweden, but she was adopted from Guatemala, and is working in a Swedish shop that is hiring. She gave me her boss's name and the location of the store, so I'm going to call there. Not sure if I want to work in retail again, but at least I'd blend in ;-) We'll see how it goes.

Hope everyone is well at home!! I miss you, and love any news/emails/comments/etc. I'm sure the hostel will be crazy with the weekend, but I'll probably stay low key--too poor to do otherwise.


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