Friday, October 24, 2008

Job Hunting

Oh my gosh, 2 posts in one day?!?! She must be ubber lame...

Or ubber money conscious. Unfortunately, I am now limiting myself to a ₤10 per day limit, and that's at max. This limits after dark activity, but whatev--I have all year to catch up on that. And I'm definitely working the daylight hours. Luckily, there is plenty to do for free during the day-walk around, go to landmarks, go the park--plenty.

Today was a working day. By that I mean, I went to Bunac office in the morning, and spent 3 1/2 hours writing down names and job opportunities, working on making my resume into a CV (the really nice girls who work there proofed it for me), tentatively looking at apartments (tho that is hard without knowing where I am going to live, and with my future roommate still being in the US) and generally trying to be productive. I was really proud of myself tho--I figured out a shorter route to the offices with the buses instead of the Tube. Cheaper too. Gold star me.

I didn't find anything I particularly loved, but I emailed myself a ton of websites they had to look at tonight so I didn't have to hog a computer there. It's a lot of temp office work, research, reception and hostess kind of thing. Some of the hotel jobs look ok, and come with housing, but I liked the idea of having a flat--even if I share it with a million people. And new friends, of course :)

After I did all my job stuff, I ended up walking back down to the Tube with a guy from Canada. He wanted to know where the phone store was, and I had been there the day before. He was kinda awkward. He had glasses and liked being in school but hated tests. His name was Chris. Seriously. I had a hardcore high school freshman flashback, and said my goodbyes quick like a bunny. No offense, but I am not doing that again. At least not back at the beginning. Too many signs. :-P

I stopped at a shop by the Tube and got a meal for ₤3.50. Really good panini, crispes and a soda. Not really healthy, but cheap cheap cheap. I have to go out tomorrow and find an honest to god grocery store. Or at least one of the fruit stands I saw the day I went wandering in the West End. The chips were Cheese and Onion...not bad. I took my lunch down to the park and sat on my 'Gaston' bench again. I really like the feeling of having a 'spot'. It was really funny too, because it was about the same time I sat there on my first day, and I saw some of the same people walking their dogs as before. It made me want to get a dog so badly. I just think they are such great companions. PS Mom/Dad--has anyone fed my Fishy lately? Feel free to take it to work/school/give it to Bre--I think Meg was ok with having her ;-)

I stayed in the park and read until it started to get dark, then I came back to the hostel. I really wish I could stay here longer, but it's booked up all next week, unless I want to pay 3 times as much for a private room. I found another hostel to go to on Sunday night-the London Backpackers hostel. Its a little out of the city central, but for 11 bucks a night, can't really beat it. It still has free wi-fi and has decent reviews--it even has the kitchen, but no continental breakfast. Oh no, no all you can eat toast??? What am I going to do?? Buy a bag of apples and my own bread for ₤2, I suppose ;-) At least with this place, I'll have another week covered, and I'm updating my Oystercard to unlimited travel, so it'll just be about timing. Plus, they have a DVD collection, which will be great when I'm being poor and staying in.

Most of the jobs just want you to email them a copy of your CV and they'll contact you, so that's my plan for the night. That, and more 65p ravioli. Woot dog. I haven't even had a beer or been to a pub yet. Friggin' money. Tomorrow I have to go to the Apple store in Oxford Circus--my iPod is on the fritz. Life here is so much less fun without a soundtrack. Well, the Tube is at least.


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